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Location: Suzhou

Salary: Negotiable

Job Description
Work Experience:

1, more than five years of work experience in injection molding technology;

2, able to complete upper and lower mold; has the ability to promptly deal with a variety of common abnormalities that occur during the production quality

3, responsible, hard working; mentality correct, a good degree, be able to obey the leadership of the working arrangements

4,20-35 years of age, with molds and injection molding machine basics preferred. Proficient Demag, Zhenxiong machine is preferred.


1, the injection molding process to adjust the production process shift handle a variety of unusual quality

2, the upper and lower mold

3, simple maintenance mold maintenance.

Note: This position is a subsidiary of France and Thailand Plastic Co. wins first recruitment, interested persons can call to.

Minimum Education: secondary :5-10 years of work experience

Plastic mold design engineer

Location: Suzhou

Salary: Negotiable

Job Description
1, can be reasonable structure design for the characteristics of a variety of products

2, able to skillfully use PRO / E, CAD and office software for mold design, and drawing management

3, there is a strong amount of team spirit, to obey their superiors and the organization of work to complete tasks on time

4, there must be more than 5 years of relevant work experience in plastic mold design

Minimum Education: College Work Experience: More than five years

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